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Plus, with the lockup clutch, it works very well once the trans shifts into high gear. Of course, this conversion will also require a new driveshaft as the 4L80E is longer than the typical short tailshaft TH-400 that is currently in your car. There are many good driveshaft companies that can build a made-to-order shaft and ship it to you.

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Shorter rear driveshaft, longer front driveshaft, different input shaft on your transfer case, different U-joints, ... PerformanceTrucks 4L60E to 4L80E Wiring Swap - Page 3 - PerformanceTrucks. I kept all the wiring and computer Simple Shift gives you complete control at your fingertips! Comes with full wiring harness tailored to your specific.

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I am installing a 8.5" Grand National rear end and 4L80E transmission in my LS swap so I purchased at Pic N Pull during a sale a MMC drive shaft for $26.38. 4 bolts at the rear of the shaft and the front yoke slides out of the transmission and you are done in 10 minutes. Make sure you have 12pt 3/8" metric sockets with you to fit the special. swap in the PCM for the 4L80e. Our adapter have the 90* conduit dress to those tight. In almost every case, you will need to build (or buy) a new transmission crossmember, a new torque converter, a set of transmission lines, a modified or swap harness, and a modified driveshaft with. Scream 1st slam into 2nd.scream 2nd slam into 3rd and start lugging.

It is the smallest of the Tremec transmissions, and it can be swapped into a Chevelle without major floor surgery but you need to cut a hole in the floor for the shifter, even if you have an original 4-speed car. It is available with only one set of gear ratios, featuring a 2.95:1 first-gear and a 0.63:1 overdrive.

The Th400's use a larger u-joint than the 700R4's do so that's why I am having a problem. My '82 has a bearing strap type slip yoke but it uses smaller u-joints. As the drive shaft shortening and modification is going to cost me $200, my total so far has just hit $1500. Thank God I'm rebuilding this 700R4 myself.

df2x4. Domestics only. Like the title says, I'm looking to swap from a 60E to an 80E in my red '97 C1500. Yes, it's a V6. Yes, I really want to do this. Long story short, the stock 4.3L V6 blew up its second 4L60E today. This one was substantially built as well. I have been transformed from an indifferent party to a full blown 4L60E hate monger.

The TH400 shares the same length and splines so the NP208 will bolt right up and the whole thing will work with your stock driveshafts The only option to mate the AWD NVG-149 to a 4L80E is to either turn down the input shaft on the 4L80E which I have seen many of them fail, or to purchase our input gear Change permission When I originally built. Got the driveshaft in and it was a perfect couldn't hav been done any better new footage coming soon stay tune

885 Posts. #2 · Nov 15, 2018. The transfer case will not swap directly because there are different splines on the output shaft of the 60 vs the 80. You can buy the input shaft for the transfer case for pretty reasonable. It may not be a bad idea to. The TH400 shares the same length and splines so the NP208 will bolt right up and the whole thing will work with your stock driveshafts The only option to mate the AWD NVG-149 to a 4L80E is to either turn down the input shaft on the 4L80E which I have seen many of them fail, or to purchase our input gear Change permission When I originally built.

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Also just because you have an 4L80E doesn't mean the shaft from one car to another will work. A lot of thing come into play, like what swap kit was used, the position of the motor is a major factor. Also the rear end could come into play as well. If the rear was swap out for a 12 bolt, or a 9".

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Here is the parts list for my swap: GM 4L80e machined for a bolt-on bellhousing 4L80e torque converter Reid BH060 SFI hemi adapter bellhousing (there are multiple adapter bellhousing makers) ... The length of the driveshaft will be different if you have a reg or crew cab. With the shorter 2wd trans I needed to install a 2-piece driveshaft and.

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. You can go end-to-end with new wear parts and seals for under $200.00. All 4L60E transmissions at present will swap right in. The TCM and wire harness is one thing that every vehicle with a 4L60E has in common. But 4L65E, 4L70E, and 4L80E transmissions are similar but require some parts swapping to make them work. This 4L80E transmission will be the same length as your 700R4 / 4L60E transmission making it possible to reuse your existing 27 spline driveshaft and C-beam. All that needs to be changed on the 4L80E transmission is the tail housing and output shaft. The full manual shift model works without a computer. This tail housing is made of 6061T6.

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I followed the diagrams from AR5 - 5 Speed Transmission Mount 4l80e vs 6l80e vs T56 Swap Since I don't drive the car everyday, it's ok 1973-1987 GM Trucks LS Conversion 1973-1987 GM Trucks LS Conversion. Looking for better reliability and power at the same time from his current 283ci and Powerglide, we sourced him a LQ4 6 ..

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Because of the application, the 4L80E is much heavier and larger than the other transmission. It features a length of 26.4 inches and weighs 236 pounds. On the other hand, the 4L60E weighs just 150 pounds without any fluid. It is also only about 23.5 inches long. 4. Power/Torque The 4L80E offers more power than the 4L60E.

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Joined Aug 3, 2006. 2,667 Posts. Discussion Starter · #1 · May 4, 2007. ok guys alot of you have been asking about this I took a couple of pics so here you go. ears cut. custom cross member. the drive shaft had to be shortened and have the yoke changed for the bigger u-joint from the full size. here is a pic of the seering shaft just because.

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Search: Np208 32 Spline Input Shaft Swap. This shaft adapter is designed to have a 3-bolt wheel and cap directly mounted to it and isn't for use with any of our standard 3 to 5/6/9 bolt steering wheel 8=32, 9=36 Factory GM tailhousing with 32 spline output shaft Early four-wheel drive was a short 10 spline, late 4WD was long 32 spline, and all two-wheel drives were 35 spline Perfect.

For '98-earlier GM 400, 4L80-E and 4T65-E output and reaction planetaries with Sm465 to 4l80e swap 2 that I swapped to a 4L80E from a TH400 GM retroactively called the TH400 the "3L80" when the 4L80E debuted The 4L80E transmission was mostly used in 34- and 1-ton trucks and The 4L80E transmission was mostly used in 34- and 1-ton trucks and. Going custom length and not sure what yoke to use either. 85 Monte Carlo SS ---> 6.2l l92 / 4l80e swap - 400+whp club ... -He gets the 305/200r4 + driveshaft-He gets the front 205/60/15s + 275/60/15s tires *used* I receive -Powder coated wiper cowl ... 85 Monte Carlo SS ---> 6.2l l92 / 4l80e swap - 400+whp club Best track times to date: 11.137.


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Its lightweight and powerful 598ci engine requires mild final gearing and a modified 4L80E overdrive automatic to get it moving very quickly and running very relaxed at 70 mph. GM used two types of torque converter-to flexplate fasteners. Black bolt (left) is metric (10-mm x 14.3 x 1.5-in) with corresponding nut.